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Robert's Guide to Actor's Headshots
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WORKING COPY Last up date 9/7/2015
This web site is made from a working copy of my manuscript. 
It is a work in progress, illustrations still need to be added and a few sections rewritten - but as it is - it is still an excellent source of information about actors headshots - please read it and talk to me.

Actor's Head·shot   n  \ hed-shot\   a: color or black and white 8x10 photographic portrait of an Actor used as their main promotional vehicle.   b: photograph of an Actor showing their assets in the best light.  c: true representation of the physical characteristics of an Actor, a photograph showing what the Talent Agent has to work with. 

In this material, you may discover that there is a lot more to getting good headshots than you thought. Please don't let that be your excuse for procrastinating – get them done now. Let this information be a map of the territory. The travels are your own.

For the Industry; Communication between all facets of the industry will make us stronger individuals and united as an Entertainment Superpower. For the Instructor; So your students can better prepare themselves for our profession. For the Agent; So your talent can help you help them. For the Talent; Because no one ever answers all of your questions or tells you the right ones to ask. For Me; Because I enjoy it!

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